The Parliament

Parliament Government

  • The Parliament
  • Structure of the Parliament

This is a pathway for training future Members of Parliament. They are appointed as Youth MPs for the various constituencies in Ghana. This initiative models the legislative arm of Government

  1. The Rt.Hon. Speaker
  2. 1st Deputy Speaker
  3. 2nd Deputy Speaker
  4. Majority Leader
  5. Minority Leader
  6. 1st Deputy Majority Leader
  7. 2nd Deputy Majority Leader
  8. 1st Deputy Minority Leader
  9. 2nd Deputy Minority Leader
  10. Majority Chief Whip
  11. Minority Chief Whip
  12. 1st Deputy Majority Chief Whip
  13. 2nd Deputy Majority Chief Whip
  14. 1st Deputy Minority Chief Whip
  15. 2nd Deputy Minority Chief Whip
  16. Chief Clerk
  17. 1st Deputy Clerk
  18. 2nd Deputy Clerk
  19. Marshall

The Presidential Cabinet

  • Overview
  • Structure of the Parliament
  • Academic empowerment

This is an initiative which models the executive arm of Government. Our mentees under this programmed are given the opportunities to experiences and understand how systems of government operate and function. The various executive appointments given as portfolios.

There are 4 Model Governments under the Presidential Cabinet:

  1. The Yaa Asantewah Government
  2.  The Fabian Government
  3.  The Osagyefo Government
  4. Republic Government
    • Presidents
    • Ministers
    • Diplomats
    These are position available for appointment under the Presidential Cabinet.


In the words of the founder of Youth Leadership Parliament, “Africa or Ghana doesn’t need money, what Ghana needs is human capital”.
We believe that access to quality education through intentional and strategy investment and partnership is indispensable to the success of the leaders

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