Ghana’s Youth President is a reality Leadership Competition TV show, an initiative of Youth Leadership Parliament, a Model Parliament founded by Mr. Kobby Fabian, a UK based entrepreneur whose passion is to raise and nurture aspiring young leaders across the continent of Africa to engage in the democratic processes of good governance.
The programme showcases 3 Governments with their respective Youth Members of Parliament, Youth Ministers, Diplomats and Youth Presidents of Ghana, presenting their policy ideas and what they problems are facing our country and the innovative solutions to deal it. An incredible masterpiece of display of leadership skills, public speaking prowess and critical thinking abilities of competitors

In the chamber of Parliament for the debate are the Speaker of Parliament, The Clerks of Parliament, Hon. Grace Owusu and Hon. Kwame Wilberforce. Leading the Majority bench is The Majority Leader, Hon. Andy Amankwah and Minority Leader Hon. Prince Ossei Owusu leading the Minority Bench, Judges of the judiciary, Madam Akua Amartey, the Deputy Chief Executive of Food and Drugs Authority, and Madam Elsie Appau-Klu, a Lawyer and Policy Analyst and hosted by Mr. Koku Lumor.

These three governments in competition are the Osagyefo, Fabian and Yaa Asantewah. Each government will be debating on the ‘The state of Ghana in this covid 19 ridden economy’ when they will be presenting policies and strategies on how to best to combat the effects of Covid 19, highlighting on contributions of the Food and Drugs Authority in the fight to contain the pandemic.

President of the Great Osagyefo Government, H.E Rhema Jacob Boabeng, is concerned about the effective use of new taxes. He stated, “It’s imperative that everyone gets value for money through the services provided by various sectors”. Another concern is the politicization of governmental projects, which results in the abandonment of project and a waste of the tax payer’s money. This government also believes that Covid 19, has been a blessing in disguise, though acknowledging its adverse effects on the economy, believes it has also exposed and helped identify the weaker sectors of the economy, which needs adequate attention and fixing.

The Yaa Asantewaa Government led by H.E. President Lady Louisa Antwi Akowoah, strongly believes that Covid 19 brought about some positives, as there was a rice in E-commence, showing us the importance of social media presence. Yet, the pandemic shouldn’t be entirely blamed for the dent in the economy, because governments have made decisions over the years that have put a toll on the national budget.

The Fabian Government led by HE. President Kamal-Deen Abdallah Ibn Chambas, believes that, “Covid 19 is not just health problems measured by reference to infections, deaths and treatment but significantly greater than at any time in history because of the actual ways in which we have developed” , and “will actively shift resources from luxury spending to enable my government address the viral pandemic in a scientific, planed and sustainable way”, he adds.
All governments commend the FDA for being effective managers of the effects of the viral pandemic, and It is worth mentioning some actions taken by FDA, ranging from the provision of PPEs to the availability of test kits and the implementation of various regulatory measures. All governments therefore pledge to be ambassadors for the Organization henceforth.

Definitely, this episode is an attention grabber, and viewers can expect an exhibit of great ideas and policies from these participants. As you watch the various government battle each other, remember they need your votes as well, for the opportunity Make Ghana Great Again (MAGGA), Dial 80012345#

It’s no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has had an ample effect on young people. Though the consequence of this viral pandemic has taken a devastating toll on everyone, children and the youth especially are more vulnerable to the aftermath of this crises. Yet, as the world is dealing with the impact of COVID-19, the youth of Ghana has an opportunity and a responsibility to get involved, and make a difference.

Unemployment, loss of income, and limited access to health care are some of the impacts of Covid 19 , and each country was impacted in ways peculiar to its conditions. Hitherto the declaration of the viral pandemic and its adverse effect on even the strongest of economies, Ghana, a developing country, had already been struggling, and your guess is as good as mine, what could be left of our economy.

It goes without saying that Ghana’s health sector was quite saddled by the active cases, resulting in the overcrowding of health facilities, though organizations like the Food and Drugs Authority as mandated, played a major role, controlling and minimizing the harmful effects of Covid 19.

Details of the 2021 financial budget, read by the acting finance minister Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, was much awaited, with anxiety, following the effects of COVID-19. The financial budget usually goes under scrutiny as details and decisions by governments are not always accepted by everyone. But It therefore behooves the government, when citizens analyze and investigate the budget, as it serves as a feedback tool for Government to better understand what its people expect of them and the youth of Ghana is particularly encouraged to adopt an unwavering interest in these affairs being that they are at the receiving end of projected outcomes and this is why Youth Leadership Parliament was formed.

Credited: Helen Afriyie Asor (PRO, Youth Leadership Parliament)

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