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A yearly awards events for acknowledging the contributions and support of Individuals, businesses, stakeholders for their hard work and impact made by outstanding youth leaders in Ghana in various sectors for national development

There are 3 thematic areas for consideration of nominees for this award
1. Transformation of lives
2. Value Addition
3. Human resource investment/ enabling environment


Raising a new Generation of young leaders of Ghana Origin Globally for Good Governance and Sustainable Democracy


1. Creation of a Model Parliament with Youth MPs, Youth Ministers and Youth Presidents Globally
2. Promoting and creating the awareness of the 17 UN SDG Goals

3. To raise a new Generation of young African leaders for total UN SDG implementation AGENDA
4. Create a Continental Hub for synchronization of policy of various African Countries at the Youthful level for easy implementation and adoption in future
5. To create a platform for leadership nurturing and mentoring on SDGs

6. To establish a Hub for global networking of young leaders internationally and their African and European counterparts on investment in SDGs
7. Share the experiences and challenges facing young leaders globally.
8. Provide leadership training and capacity building for good governance and anti-corruption

There are 2 main Leadership Pathways

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